Friday, September 21, 2007


....and of course I am getting sick :( My head is all stuffed up! I'm sure it's from the kids germies all over the classroom! UGH!

I have been sneezing so much it's a wonder I still have a nose!

But... I got new clothes today :) Thanks to my wonderful Mommy :) I got 3 pair of pants, 2 tops and a new pair of shoes for work! Woot! Woot! Mom wanted me to get pants and a jumper.. but I really NEEDED new shoes!

And even BETTER!!! I went down an ENTIRE pant size!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

The work thing is still a burr in my saddle... and we had to have a conference call today that was basically worthless. Whatever.

The really sad thing is, is that the agency has broken my spirit. I have no desire to teach this year. I have no desire to go above and beyond like I have for TEN years. I have given SO much to my families! Last year I found sheets for one family who needed them... for FREE! I have donated ALL of Blake's clothes that he has outgrown... one year I took FIVE rubbermaid tubs of his baby clothes in and let the families have what they wanted for FREE! I was told to write it up as a $500 donation to the agency! I have worked on projects at home on my free time using my own materials so that the students could have extra things.

But now I don't have the desire to do any of it anymore.

But I refuse to let them drag me down. They have broken me as a teacher.. but not as a human... I will still give those kids the love and protection they need while they are in my care.

The rest is up to fate I guess.

Well.. I am sneezing my fool head off and having trouble typing... let alone focusing! So... more later I guess.


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Ter said...

I'm glad that your human spirit has not been broken. You're obviously a very caring person and those children are lucky to have you be their teacher.

I hope you're able to find something else which you'll enjoy and be respected for the wonderful teacher that you are.

Kudos to you on your weightloss and WHOO-HOO about the new clothes(one size smaller even!)

((Many Hugs)) Keep being JO, because that's what you do best. :)