Thursday, September 20, 2007

You're HOW old?

Yeah... so Blake (age 7) had a friend over --- David, also age 7. They were up in Blake's room playing and I heard Blake say, "Let's play concert". Now... I know from past experience that this game means he will be shirtless jumping around like he's a rock star and then climbing on his tour bus to go to the next concert.

So... they are playing "concert" and I hear them jumping around and such. Then Blake says, "Hey, let's pretend the girls are in our underwear." And David says, (now keep in mind the child is SEVEN) "Are they gonna have sex with us?"


My mind is reeling: remain calm... must remain calm....very important to remain calm.


"Yeah mom?"

"Come down here for a moment please."


"What are you guys playing up there?"

"Uh, concert."

"And what are you talking about girls in your underwear?"

"It was a joke."

"What does it mean?"

"Just that the girls are wearing our underwear because we are rock stars."

"I see. And are YOU wearing the same underwear when the girls are wearing them?"

"No, we couldn't fit in them."

(insert "whew")

"Ok. I don't think you should talk about girls in your underwear. That's really not appropriate."

"Ok mom"

"I heard David say something about the girls having sex with you?"


"What does that mean? Sex?"

(At this point I am PRAYING: Dear Lord PLEASE don't let my 7 year old tell me what sex is!

And Blake replies, "I have NO idea." With a look of complete and total innocent confusion on his face :)

YES! My baby does NOT know what sex is. And if all goes well he WON'T know what sex is for many more years!

Uh... what grade does sex ed start in school? Maybe he should SKIP that grade! JK! LMAO!

My sister keeps telling me that God knew what He was doing when he didn't give her a boy.

Oh yeah? So then why did *I* get one?

*sigh* Love him to death! Even if he DOES worry me sick.


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Ter said...

Sex Ed started in grade 6 for me, but I suspect they start younger nowadays. Of course, in my day, Sex Ed was talking more about periods and how babies are made but not actual sex or protective methods.

Funny(ironic, sad)thing is that when I started Sex Ed, it was too late, I already had my period!