Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank you Shelley!

I started reading Waiting with Gabriel tonight. And I finished it. I cried through about 95% of it. It is a wonderful story of the short life of Gabriel, a baby born with a fatal heart defect. His parents knew at about 5 months gestation that he would not live long after birth.

It was a gut wrenching, emotional, soul cleansing read for me. I am so thankful to Amy Kuebelbeck for sharing their story. Even though I did feel some anger, or perhaps jealousy, towards her because she got to HOLD her baby!

But no matter what, there is a link between us (6 degrees of separation?) because we have both lost a child.

But I just wanted to say Thank You Shelley! For sending me the book. For understanding me. For caring about me. For loving me. I love you.


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Ter said...

I knew you would be able to read it in just one sitting! :) I should see if I can get ahold of the author of that book... it's such a good book, isn't it?