Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I wish...

I could write my blog as eloquently as my SIL does (and she just started hers!)

I have browsed many blogs. Reading some, crying at others, wondering what in the world they are thinking at still others. I'm not really searching for anything in particular, just checking out the world one blog at a time.

But I can't help but notice that so many people write their thoughts so eloquently... they just draw you in, and you want to read EVERY word they write. Their stories are a nice mix of raw honesty and humor ... filled with emotions that cause you to KNOW they have experienced these things for themselves.

When I was in college I would spend DAYS trying to write papers in that way. And I did it well. I was told on more than one occasion what a great writer I am. Apparently my great writing takes much thought and planning.

When I blog, I simply write... about what I did today...about things that bug me... about things Blake has done.... about the pets... the family... friends.... I don't spend hours and hours planning what I am going to say and editing and re-writing to get it right. I know the people I speak of here don't do that either. They simply sit down at their computer and their fingers just naturally spew forth great works of art.

I just wish I could do that. That's all. I know there are things I am good at that others aren't. I know there are people who wish they could do things like *I* do. I don't dwell on this inability to write well on a whim... I have much more important things to worry about.


LM said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the compliment and for being such a wonderful auntie! XOXOXOXOX

Ter said...

I have that problem too. When I write in a blog, I write as if I am speaking to the person, like I do in a chat. I would love to write in a style that draws people in, but I, like you, don't have that ability to do so on a whim. I find that when I sit here and write slowly and edit everything and take my time, I don't like how I sound, and I will never be the kind of writer that I long to be.

I can only hope that my blog provides some kind of interesting topics and that people don't get too bored with my writing.

Perhaps its a danger of the internet, where we not only use it to write with but to chat with. For me this is my only true method of communication that's not in person, since I can't hear on the phone and most people perfer to chat on IM than through an operator.