Monday, May 5, 2008

Small fears

What small fear(s) do you have? Not the big time worries. Just small fears.

Mine is that I am scared to death of june bugs. They creep me right out! Even dead ones! If I open the front door and there is a dead june bug on the porch I will NOT go out unless someone gets the bug out of my sight! Seriously!

Imagine my heart-racing terror when I pulled into a gas station and the ENTIRE parking lot was full of june bugs. Seriously! There was not a bit of parking lot that did not have bugs on it! When I stopped my car it was almost instantly covered by them! I nearly had a heart attack right there! I sat there for several minutes pleading with myself to get out of the van and get gas. I couldnt do it. I ended up going to a different gas station.

My explanation? When I was a kid the stupid things would get caught in my hair (which was VERY in past my butt) and they would click. This would freak me out. My mom, figuring she'd break me of my fear, would force me to hold the bugs. Well, if you don't know.. .when you hold a june bug it grabs on with it's spiny little legs and the winds of a hurricane couldn't blow it off! So no amount of running around, screaming and shaking your hand will fling the buggers off!

Now I know... I know they will click annoyingly if they get stuck in my hair... and they will cling to my skin for dear life if they get on me! Oh heaven help me... June isn't even HERE yet and I'm trembling :(

Ok... I've shared my little fear (which to ME seems HUGE.... ). What is yours?


Stacey said...

ohhhhhmgomgomgomg I HATE junebugs. Roaches, spiders, junebugs. All of those dadgum things freak me the heck out.

Hmmm, small fears... I'm constantly checking my purse after I get out of the car because I have this fear that locking my keys in my car mean that I'll be pregnant soon. The only two times I've locked my keys in my car, I've been pregnant then or shortly thereafter. :)

Maybe this should be my quirk...

Ter said...

I have a fear of falling. I've got a few others too, can't think of any off hand, and same with quirks which is why i haven't replied to that one yet. ;)