Saturday, August 9, 2008


This past week, Blake and I were on vacation... camping with my mom. She called and said she wanted us to go camping with her for a week and wanted us to pick the location. We chose to go to the campground we had been to at the beginning of June.

We arrived on Sat., 2 Aug. My brother, Jerry, hauled his fifth wheel up for us to stay in. So he set that all up, visited for a bit and then he headed home. My great-niece, Jackie and her son (my great-great nephew), William came for a visit that first day.

Blake spent most of his time either in the pool or riding his bike. He made a couple of friends while we were there (none of whom I got pics of!). So he was off with them quite a bit.

On Monday, Shari came up for the day. She spent the night and left Tuesday afternoon. She and Blake swam together and kayaked together :)

Wednesday was my birthday :) My mom took us out to Bob Evans for dinner that night.

In talking to some moms at the pool, I learned of a park close by called Hawk Island. It is a county park with a nice beach, boat rentals, wooden playscape, pavillions, a dog park area, restrooms, concession stand and a "spray pad". So on Thursday we went there after lunch to check it out. Blake had a BLAST!

Thursday night Mike surprised us by coming up :) YAY!!!! He spent the night and the day on Friday then he headed home.

Today we packed up, cleaned up and headed out. I took Blake back to Hawk Island for a couple of hours before we got on the road for home.

Here are some pics from the week:

Shari kayaking... Striking a pose with my favorite soda :)

The spray pad at Hawk Island.

Blake with spray gun... it turned off if it was pointed toward the chairs where folks can sit and watch :)

More shots of the spray pad.

Honey came up with Mike on Thursday and was soooo happy to see Blake :)
Dolly having a nap after a walk.

Blake helping with the trailer.

Uncle Jerry and Blake checking the dump hoses (right before Uncle Jerry got stung by a wasp because there was a nest inside the hose!)

Blake at the beach at Hawk Island. He made a sand model of me :)

My second favorite thing to photograph :)
Another pretty flower.

This dog was camped near us. He is a basset hound, pit bull mix! I thought he was the funniest dog I have ever seen!! His name is Tippy Toes, but his owner said if he'd realized how short he was going to be he'd have named him Low Rider. LOL! He was a sweet dog!!


Ter said...

Looks like you had a good time. I really need a vacation.....

Tonia said...

BTW there is an insurance company that I'm sure owes you money for stealing your kid's picture and using it in their ads! It's a life insurance company and they use the pic in their print ads. If I come across it again I'll tell you which one it is.