Sunday, August 31, 2008

Update on the elusive hummingbird.

Well, I sat on the swing for a great deal of time today.. however not the entire day as I had planned. The not so elusive husband decided today was the day to take down the pool... which meant *I* had to clean the pool so that he wouldn't just shove it in the box all dirty. *sigh* And he was cleaning the garage, so I was helping with that. I also raked some of the stupid acorns from the stupid oak tree. (A really fun thing to do with acorns is to scatter them across the road and then watch as the college students who drive by too fast run over them and freak out because they think they have blown a tire! Hee hee hee!!!!! This trick works best when it's dark and the acorns cannot be seen as easily.)

Anyway. Here are pics that I got today.

I'll try again tomorrow.


Ter said...

I've been wanting to get a hummingbird feeder for my yard. What do you put in the feeder? Maybe I'll get one for next year.

Jo said...

I buy hummingbird nectar and put that in them. I have made my own before, but it doesn't seem to attract them as well.