Friday, October 3, 2008

Results! Satisfaction! Joy!

As some of you already know, the reason there was a sofa saga was because we decided to rearrange rooms in our house. Not just the furniture in the rooms.. but the rooms themselves... so what used to be the living room, is now the dining room --- what used to be the dining room is now the office --- and what used to be the office was supposed to become the craft nook. Well, that damn sofa was ruining it. The only place FOR the sofa after rearranging...was IN the craft nook. And, as the name implies, the craft nook is a NOOK.... and not a very big one at that. The sofa took up over half of it.

Here is what the area looked like before (when the sofa was in it and there wasn't room for the craft stuff!)

So, after the sofa saga.... I was able to actually COMPLETE the craft nook. It still needs some fine tuning... but overall I am very satisified and can't wait to start my weekly craft night so I can break it in :)


Tonia said...

jealous. :-)

Ter said...

looks great!!

But I only have one problem with it...

It's not close enough for me to use it!