Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sofa saga

(for some reason, blogger won't put spaces between my paragraphs... so if it publishes without them, it's blogger not me)
We have this sofa. Mike and my sister struggled with it to get it into the house, while I was gone (either work or school not sure which). Did I mention it's a sleeper sofa?

Well, we recently rearranged our house, and just didn't have room for the sofa anymore. So I tried to sell it. Tried to sell it for $50... then $30... then $20. Finally I called Salvation Army to come and take it away.

Two men came from Salvation Army. They struggled with the sofa for over an hour. It would not go out of the house. They said that it is a nice quality piece of furniture and they REALLY want it, so if I can find out how it came IN the house (Mike wasn't home when they were here) then they could get it OUT.

Today I asked Mike if he took the bed part out of the sofa, if that would give the frame some wiggle room so it would go out the door. Oh, did I mention we got a new front door between now and the time the sofa came in?

Well, Mike decided that we can get the sofa out. No problem... we tip it up on end... get it out the door into the foyer. Easy as pie. But then it won't go out the other door... the door to the outside. We grunt and groan and bleed (damn staples) and curse (damn light fixture that I hit my head on) (THREE times) (breaking my headband)... and then the sofa gets stuck. Wedged in tight between the doorframe and the wall in the foyer. We couldn't even get it to move BACK the way it had gone in there.

I'll let the pictures tell you the rest of the story. My life is nothing if not entertaining :)


Ter said...

still funny as hell the second time hearing it. ;)

Jo said...

Yeah... I read it to Mike and he thought it was funny as hell too. Maybe someday I'll agree! When I get over my bitterness at that damn sofa!

Paula said...

LOL... I love the tarp over it like it's a dead body laying in the yard!