Saturday, November 15, 2008

The joy of boy....

No, it's not a typo... I only have one boy so I live with the daily joy of boy vs the joy of boyS :)

Today Blake had a swim meet. It was his first Invitaional (which means he can get qualifying times here for state finals).

The meet was only 20 minutes from the hospital where Mike's dad is, so we drove down last night to visit with Grampa (they let Blake into the room for a little bit). Then we spent the night at the hotel and headed out early this morning for the meet (warm ups started at 8:15).

Blake swam his first event.... the 25 yard freestyle. Then we didn't see him on deck. I went down to go to the bathroom, looked around for him in the hallway where the kids were hanging out, then went back up and worked my way up the majorly crowded bleachers to my seat.

I had barely gotten settled when I heard Mike's panicked voice, "JO!" I turned to look at him and he screamed, "Blake's hurt!"

On my way down the bleachers (did I mention how crowded it was??) I kicked a lady's Pepsi knocking it over and spilling it all over another lady's coat! The lady who's soda it was got a little snippy until I said, "I'm sorry, my son is hurt I need to get down." Then she relaxed and said, "Oh oh oh... go!"

He had been running in the locker room (HOW many times has he been told NOT to do that?), slipped and whacked his head on the floor.

He was scratched from his last 3 events and our trip to ER ended with four stitches in the back of his head.

The doctor thought he was going to need more stitches, but once he got sewing he said, "Oh, that part's just dented it doesn't need stitched." LOL! So he has a gash AND a dent... greeeaaaattt!

Oh yeah, and Blake took 7th place out of 15 in his event :)

Mike's dad is doing fabulously well. It is looking like he is not going to need kidney dialysis after all. When we left today, they were getting ready to move him to a room off the ICU floor. YAY! Monday morning will bring more information regarding the pacemaker. He *might* be home by the end of this coming week!!

Mike's mom looks a LOT better too! She was just a basket case, which is no surprise. But now that things are looking so much better, she has relaxed quite a bit.

I have other news too... but will make you wait til tomorrow for that :)

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Ter said...

oh blake, I hope you learned your lesson!! poor kid.

glad to hear mike's dad is doing better.

and How Dare You withhold exciting news? lol.