Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am going to be taking over my mother in law's classes at the university for the rest of this semester.

In the spring semester (which starts in January) I will be teaching my OWN section of the same class :) I will be teaching one night a week. I have no idea how much it pays. But at the very least, the 2 (taking over her class and doing my own) will give me experience teaching at the college level. The adjunct instructor job in the spring, could lead to more so that's good too :)

I am scared. Nervous. Excited. But I know my MIL will help me through. She said I can use her syllabus, or I can create my own. I think I'll stick with hers for this trial run :)


Ter said...

yay! :)

Tonia said...

OMG that is VERY cool. You definitely have it in you to make this into a new career path. Yeah you.