Monday, April 20, 2009

Daddy and Son Fun

We were working on cleaning up the yard the other day. Oh the joys of spring after your huge oak tree waits til the snow falls to dump all of it's 600 MILLION leaves!

If you remember this post , these noodles were still in the yard after the removal of the dreaded sofa.

Here's what Mike and Blake did with said noodles:

Unguard you lowly fool!

Oh no! Blake was disarmed!

Trying to disarm Daddy!


musingsfromamichiganmom said...

Sometimes I really wish we were neighbors! LOL

Ter said...

Hey! They don't appear to be cleaning up the yard at all! I hope they got sent to the naughty corner!


at least they are having fun!

Jo said... can come over any time :) We don't live THAT far from each other :)

Ter... no I just let them play while I snapped pics. Then we raked a bit and came in to get ready for beddy bye. The next day I got a blister from raking and then on the day after that Mike finished up the yard. It looks pretty good now... except the gardens which he didn't clean the leaves out of even though I asked him to use the blower in those and not the rake.

Oh well... it'll get done... eventually...