Thursday, May 28, 2009

Letting go

So there is this camp. It's called Springhill. It's a christian summer camp. Blake has wanted to go for 3 years now. It is 45 minutes away, and is a week long camp. I have not been able to let him go.

Guess what we did yesterday? We signed him up to go to Springhill! OMG! I am trying very (as in VVVVEEEERRRRYYYYYY) hard to not freak out!

The camp is quite expensive, but thanks to our church, and Springhill we received scholarships for Blake and we will only pay $30 for him to attend for a week. If you go to the site, he will be staying in "the forts" and will be doing the "outdoor adventure" program.

I am sure he will have a blast! I am sure he will grow a LOT in that week. And I am sure I will cry a LOT in that week.

He leaves for camp June 14.

He packed his bag last night.


roy/elisabeth dean said...

WOW! That's HUGE!
He really WILL have the best's those of us that are left behind that suffer!
How awesome is it that he gets to go?? He will miss you so much, and when he gets back you will have a new/improved Blake!
Have his favorite dinner on hand to make his first night home, he will be hungry. And try not to worry....he has his angel sister to look out for him! Maybe Lilly can check in on Molly too!
Have a wonderful day~

musingsfromamichiganmom said...

That's a huge step, Jo! Both for you, and him! Even if Anna wasn't special needs, I'm not sure I could do it. He will have an awesome time. And I have faith you'll survive, too. :)

Is there nickel in margaritas? Because you might needs a girls night out in there somewhere. LOL