Thursday, July 9, 2009

And another new journey begins....

Blake has friends who live in our neighborhood that he has been playing with pretty much non-stop for the past several weeks. W & G are twins, and D is another friend. The four of them aren't together all the time... but Blake is usually with W & G or D when they aren't all together. They have good times together. It's difficult to not know what he is doing all day... what games he is playing... what stories they are telling each other... how he is acting.

But this morning after he had breakfast, Blake went to W & G's house then came home right away and said they weren't home so he was going to D's house. At D's house he was told that D was at W&G's house. So he went BACK to W&G's house, and they told him they were going in the house to play and to come back later.

When he told me that it just stabbed at my heart. He didn't seem too affected by it... but I sure was! I felt like my baby boy was being left out.

We have planned a sleepover with the boys for tomorrow night... and Blake told me today that D said he isn't coming. The whole reason for the sleepover is because D is going to spend the summer with his dad and so we thought it'd be fun to let the boys have a night of fun before D is gone for the summer.

Well, this morning D told Blake that he isn't coming to the sleepover. I'm sure if there was a problem, D's mom would have called us... and she hasn't... so he's just being a twit.

Again.... Blake didn't seem too upset by it... but I felt hurt for him.

I know this is how kids are. I know this won't be the last time that things like this will happen. That doesn't make it any easier.

Praying that I am able to continue to just keep my mouth shut and let Blake take the lead in these situations.

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