Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping Trip (photo HEAVY....)

My mom took Blake and I camping this past week. We had such a good time! Here's a little photo journey of the week :)

Blake with the campfire he made all by himself (for the very first time).

A hitchiker on Mom's back.

Going on a bike ride.

Bike riding.

Chillaxin' in the pool :)

Action shot!

Rabbit we saw on the way to the pool.

There was water trickleing out of this pipe and the birds were drinking it. Then the water stopped and the birds started banging on the pipe with their beaks!

Mike was able to come for a few days. He and Blake took a bike ride and then had a little rest in the hammock :)

Another of Blake's favorite activities... kayaking!

Close up of my kayaker :)

What do you do when it rains? Ride your bike through the puddles, of course!

After riding through puddles.

His face didn't get too muddy though :)

My great nephew and his little boy came for a visit. William would throw the balls and then say, "Look at that mess!" and I'd say, "Who made that mess?" and he'd say, "Will did!"

A cardinal who visited our bonfire ring to steal chips that were in there :)

Daddy and Son :)

Blake and William playing soccer.

Having a blast!

Kicking the ball.

Isn't he the CA-YOOTEST???

Little puddin' pop!

Baseball anyone?

Learning to ride his bike.


Fish that Blake caught. He wanted to eat it... but we had nothing to clean it with.

At the pool with friend, Robert.

Playing chicken.

A visitor to the picnic table.

The view from my hammock!!

Blake and friend at our last campfire.

Slurping noodles!

Being goofy with a friend...what else are you supposed to do at a campfire??

Our last campfire.

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