Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summertime Fun!

A new birdfeeder :) This was a bday gift from my BFF.

Honey cooling off in her pool.

Blake's newest hobby.

Sam I Am enjoying the new deck.

Birdbath in my new backyard :)

A new garden :)

New lights... anniversary gift from my BFF.

This is Mike's garden. Right now it has snapdragons in it and that's it. LOL :) He'll get there.


roy/elisabeth dean said...

love, love, LOVE that birdfeeder!

What kind of dog is Honey?

Snapdragons are better than the weeds I have growing in MY garden!

Sam-I-am is F-A-T, but please don't tell him I said so....

All of my animals (according to my vet) are overweight!

Have a wonderful weekend~

jo said...


I love that birdfeeder too :) We saw it when we were shopping together and she went back and got it for me :)

My husband LOVES snapdragons.

We tell Sam I Am he is F-A-T all the time :) His nickname is Fatty McFatfat :)

Hope your weekend is peaceful :)