Friday, April 22, 2011

Going strong...

I have lost count of which week we are on in the Concerta journey (I originally put the "ADHD journey" and then realized, we've been on that particular journey for 11 years now). I think it's the end of week 5??

I received another email from Blake's teacher: (I have to say that it irritates me to NO END that I cannot copy and paste things into blogger).

Mrs. A,
I have seen great improvements in Blake. he is more focused and more on task within the classroom. I no longer see outbursts or attention seeking behaviors. I am also seeing a different way that others look at him. He did draw negative attention to himself with his behaviors and since that has ended, that has made him more approachable for students. He is still participating and answering questions in class. I have not seen a negative effect in terms of regression or a lack of participation from him. When he has ideas or comments to add to the class he does so in a respectful manner. I have also had a few subs since our last email and his name is not ending up on the disruptive or disrespectful list of students that I get from the sub. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you, overall he is doing great.

Once again... confirmation that we made the right decision.

Once again... confirmation that we have our Blake back.

We had our last med. eval on Tuesday. They left his dosage where it is and we will go back in 3 months for another review. Blake lost 4 pounds in the past 2 weeks. Not good :( We have to monitor his weight and if he has days where he doesn't want to eat, we have to get him some Ensure or Pediasure drinks. He was excited when she said to give him a "shake"... until we told him she didn't mean McDonald's shake and that it certainly wouldn't taste as good. LOL!

Blake has also had trouble sleeping since he started the Concerta. We send him to bed at 8:30 and at midnight he is still awake. UGH. Mike knows someone who takes melatonin to help with sleeping... so we discussed it with the doc. He said it won't hurt, but that it doesn't help everyone. So we figured we'd give it a try. He has been taking it just a few days, but it seems to be helping (he's no longer awake when I head up to bed). Maybe getting enough sleep will make him less moody/ crabby in the afternoon/ evenings.

So... we'll continue to hike this path and see where it takes us next.

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